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CMI MIC Funds Mortgage Investing Made Easy

A CMI MIC, or Mortgage Investment Corporation, is an alternative investment and lending corporation that focuses on Canada’s real estate market. Shareholders in a MIC are able to invest in a diversified pool of mortgages (primarily short-term residential) without the burden of owning and managing property directly.

A MIC is structured as a flow-through investment vehicle, allowing 100% of the net income to be distributed back to its shareholders. Under the Canada Income Tax Act, MIC investments can be held within a registered portfolio such as an RRSP, RESP, LIF, RRIF, LIRA, RDSP, IPP (individual pension plan), DPSP or TFSA.

Why You Should Invest in CMI MIC Funds

Mortgage Investment Corporations, or MICs, are the fastest-growing segment in the Canadian mortgage industry due to their potential for competitive yields, diversified portfolios and accessibility. As an alternative private lending company, CMI specializes in delivering attractive mortgage investment solutions, such as MICs, that meet the needs of today’s investors.

The CMI MICs are a suite of funds that provide choice, transparency and performance. These accessible mortgage investment portfolio solutions target consistent returns that are not typically correlated with publicly-traded markets and the volatility they can experience.

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                  Diversify Your Portfolio with CMI MIC Funds

                  We offer three distinct MIC funds, each targeted to specific LTV ratios and annual yields. Our CMI MIC Prime Mortgage Fund, CMI MIC Balanced Mortgage Fund and CMI MIC High Yield Opportunity Fund have all delivered consistent results within these parameters to date.

                  CMI MIC Prime Mortgage Fund

                    • LTV Average less than 65%
                    • Targeted Annual Return of 6 – 7%
                    • Investor Risk Profile: Conservative

                  CMI MIC Balanced Mortgage Fund

                    • LTV Average less than 75%
                    • Targeted Annual Return of 8 – 9%
                    • Investor Risk Profile: Moderate

                  CMI MIC High Yield Opportunity Fund

                    • LTV Average less than 85%
                    • Targeted Annual Return of 10 – 11%
                    • Investor Risk Profile: Aggressive

                  The CMI MICs are carefully managed by a team of experienced mortgage and investment professionals who have a track record of delivering consistent returns. They are an attractive investment option relative to fixed income products because of their potential for attractive yields.

                  Our Investment Approach

                  The key to our ongoing success is an investment approach that focuses on three key pillars

                  Security and capital preservation

                  Consistent returns and regular cash flow

                  A rigorous due diligence process

                  These important factors have helped the CMI MIC Funds deliver consistent and sustainable returns since inception.

                  Why invest with CMI?

                  Learn more about our track record of consistent and attractive returns achieved through our prudent underwriting and rigorous due diligence processes.

                  Consistent, Steady Performance and Conservative Asset Management

                  CMI’s expertise in the Canadian mortgage industry makes us uniquely positioned to create mortgage investments that target consistent, attractive returns. Our MICs follow a conservative investment philosophy, focusing on capital preservation and a prudent diversification strategy.

                  Our rigorous due diligence process is led by our experienced management team. We fully manage each mortgage asset from origination to its discharge. By managing our mortgages in-house, we’re also able to keep our expenses low, thus passing along higher yields to investors.

                  Consistent Returns
                  Minimum Investment $5000
                  Targeted Annual Yields 6 -11%
                  Low Management Fees

                  Investment News

                  Visit our Investment News page for information on our MIC funds and the latest developments in the investment industry.

                  Investment Products for Every Portfolio

                  As an alternative to traditional fixed income investment products, our mortgage investment corporation (MIC) funds and mortgage investment program offer you investment solutions that are diversified, less correlated to the stock and bond markets, and have the added benefit of collateral security. These investments may be suitable for investors looking to diversify their portfolios and benefit from Canada’s historically strong real estate market.

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